Ihlala Water

Sustainable Sanitation Services

Sanitation packages offered by Ihlala are primarily focussed on School and Single household flush-based systems connected to on-site (DEWATS) treatment units. Design based on gravity fed-design removes the necessity for electricity whilst retaining the full treatment quality. The modularity of DEWATS allows optimal and affordable treatment options tailored to the local conditions on-Site.

Sustainable School Sanitation

Safe, sound and robust sanitation for schools is a keystone of IhlalaWater's vision. Low-volume flush toilet reduce the water footprint in combination with proven onsite-treatment based on robust DEWATS technology.

Rural flush Sanitation

Affordable flush based sanitation systems for rural areas offer full quality in non-grid areas. This is achieved by combining low-flush-volume toilets combined with proved DEWATS technology for on-site treatment with optional effluent reuse for irrigation.